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Q: How to order?
Step 1 - Register an account with us at the top right corner.
Step 2 - Select the packages that you want to purchase.
Step 3 - Select the "Soup Base" in the order page.
Step 4 - Click "Add to cart" button in order to make payment.
Step 5 - Click "Check out" button after checked with your order.
Step 6 - Please fill in your personal information and select the shipping method.
Step 7 - Please select your "Delivery Date" & "Delivery Time".
Step 8 - Select your payment methods and click "Place Order Now" button to complete the order.

Q: How to check whether is my order was confirmed?
You will received an order confirmation email from us with the email given from you. Please make sure you fill in the correct email. Beside that, our friendly Customer Service will be sending a message through WhatsApp to confirm with your order.

Q: When is your order will be delivered?
You will received a message from our friendly Customer Service through WhatsApp to check when will you like to received your order.

Q: Can i cancel an order that have been made?
A: Yes, only if the order is still in the "Pending Status" which means your order are in the preparing status. Kindly contact us via WhatsApp 017-3688745 or Facebook (暖之锅 Warm In The Pot) to inform us regarding on the Cancellation Order as soon as possible. We will be fully refund the same amount as "e-credit" into your account at our website. You are able to use the "e-credit" for next purchase.

Q: What is "e-credit"? 
"e-credit" is an amount that you are able to use as money in our store for purchasing.

Q: How to remove orders in the Cart?
Click the "Dustbin" icon in the Cart section.

Q: How to change my personal information?
Step 1 - Click the "Profile" icon where located at top right. 

Step 2 - Click the "Edit" in the Account Details section.
Step 3 - Fill in the new personal information and click "Submit".
*TAKE NOTE: If you wish to change your primary address, kindly click on the "View Address"and change with the latest primary address information.

Q: How to use the e-credit at your website?
Click the "Credit"button at the payment section so you will notice a deduction from your Total Cost.
TAKE NOTE: You may collect e-credit by participating our events(Coming Soon)

Q: When is the last order can be made?
Last Call will be at 7:30p.m. sharp.
TAKE NOTE: Any order made after 8p.m. will be process on the next day.

Q: What are the payment methods available?
We offer various kind of Payment Methods as shown below:~
   - Bank Transfer
   - Online Banking

Kindly send us the invoice to confirm the order through WhatsApp 017-3688745 or Facebook (暖之锅 Warm In The Pot)
TAKE NOTE: Your order will not be delivered until we received the details!

Q: How long does the delivery takes?
Delivery will takes about 60-90 minutes to reach your destination. However, it may be occasionally delayed due to heavy traffic flow, weather conditions, unforeseen incidences or force majeure event, and we are not be held liable for the failure delivery. If it is in our view that the delivery of your order is likely to be substantially delayer, we will contact you via WhatsApp for the delayed issues.

Q: Can i add-on order after made payment?
Yes, you are ALLOWED to add-on order within 10 minutes after you have made payment. Kindly send us a message through WhatsApp 017-3688745 or Facebook (暖之锅 Warm In The Pot) for add-on order. This action will be NOT ALLOWED after 10 minutes as the packages is well-packed.
TAKE NOTE: Shipping charge will remain the same.

Q: I have more inquiry to ask!
You are always welcome to send us a message through WhatsApp 017-3688745 or Facebook (暖之锅 Warm In The Pot) for more inquiry. 

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